Arizona HOA Statutes – Non-Profit Corporation Act

To view and/or download a PDF of the Non-Profit Corporation Act, click here.

The Non-Profit Corporation Act packet contains the following:

  • General Provisions
  • Incorporation and Transfer of Domicile
  • Purposes and Powers
  • Name
  • Office and Agent
  • Members and Membership
  • Members’ Meetings and Voting
  • Directors and Officers
  • Amendment of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
  • Mergers
  • Sale of Assets
  • Hospital and Community Health Center Mergers and Other Transactions
  • Distributions
  • Dissolution
  • Foreign Corporations
  • Records and Reports
  • Transition Provisions

Click here to view the Non-Profit Corporation Act PDF.


Current as of: September 24, 2022
Effective Date: August 9, 2017